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Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

Mr. Herst doesn’t take any shit from his students. As Mr. Herst is explaining the course outline, Doug is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor. That was his first mistake. As punishment for daydreaming in class, Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst then bends the boy over his knee and gives him the paddling he deserves. Once more Doug is bent over the teachers desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight little ass. Mr. Herst then finishes the jock off with a tasty facial.

17 Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

10 Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

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Naughty Straight Boy Flogged

Kelvin Ash is tied up in the mill, ready to be disciplined by Sebastian Kane. Sebastian flogs Kelvin to submission and when the boy can’t take anymore, releases him from his restraints. Now free but still totally under Sebastian’s control, Kelvin is spanked in various positions before being forced to piss all over himself.

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Kyler has been a Bad Boy

Kyler gets a hard handed lesson for lingering in the bathroom from Christian. Kyler doesn’t seem to mind all that much that Christian interrupted his jack-off session. Christian spanks his soft and smooth ass cheeks until they are bright red.

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Whipped Latin Ass

Jeff wants to find a reason to spank this cute little Latin boy. He finds it even though he’ll be taking a paddle to him either way. This time he accuses him of getting drunk last night which calls for a more severe ass punishment and face fucking.

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Santa Spanks Very Naughty Boy

On Santa’s naughty or nice meter, Spencer’s in the red. He’s been a bad boy and now he needs his naughty spankings to get his twinky presents.

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Smooth Assed Twink Punished

Christian has been smoking again. You’d think he would know better than to do wrong under the wing of Jeff Sterne, but alas, here he is getting spanked for being a bad, bad boy. Watch as this smooth assed twink gets his “punishment” again.

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Delivery Boy Paddled

Blake is tasked with delivering a family heirloom for Jeff Sterne, but drops it as soon as Sterne hands it to him. For his clumsiness and lack of attention, Jeff Sterne gives this bad boy a hard spanking over his jeans, then pulls off his trousers to expose young Blake’s smooth tight ass. Little Blake flinches as Sterne takes him over the knee and then paddle’s his bright red cheeks on all fours.

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Caned Whipped and Fucked

straighthell1 Caned Whipped and Fucked

Carl thinks he’s about to meet his internet girlfriend and get laid for the first time. But the only sex this boy’s getting is my dick in his arse.

He is systematically abused over every part of his body – including drilling him with a fucking machine, caning his feet, jerking him off and making him eat every drop of his master’s spunk.

Watch Carl getting used and abused


Spanking Sean

Sean Saint certainly likes to be dominated, so who better to pair him with then our very own Kenzie Madison? Tied to the celling, Sean can only attempt to move out of the way of Kenzie’s forceful spanking. Getting harder and harder each time Kenzie continues to beat the boy into submission before making him shoot his load out onto the floor.

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Spanked by the Headmaster

The headmaster calls two bad boys to be punished for unacceptable behavior. When Sterne finds out the boys are wearing slutty underwear he takes it out on their smooth boy butt cheeks. Luke Allen & Drake Isaac end up leaving the office with cherry red asses, and thinking they should behave from now on.

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