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Naughty Twink Spanked and Fucked

A naughty little twink receives a very well deserved spanking and paddling. Then after his bottom is nice and red he is fucked hard!

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Naughty Little Bitch

Jack Diamond is a little twink thief, stealing money from Renaldo’s wallet, and he is not happy. Sir Noir begins with a series of hard swats of the hand over Jack’s jeans, then switches to his new bigger, meaner wooden paddle. As we’ve seen before he is merciless with the paddle. Spanking the naughty little bitch over his underwear now, he ads to his arsenal with a leather paddle with 8 holes for maximum pain infliction. When he finally pulls down Jack’s briefs, we can see just how much damage has been done to the boy’s tender bubble butt, now red, inflamed and almost purple in spots, but this doesn’t stop him from continuing his severe punishment, until Jack begs him to stop in tears. Something tells me he won’t be taking any more money from Renaldo’s wallet without asking.

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Travis has been a Bad Boy

Travis has been a bad boy and misses his curfew. When he returns home, he finds his dad with a whisky in hand. He is so pissed, the only thing he can do to teach his son a lesson is to give him a hard spanking that he won’t soon forget.

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Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

Mr. Herst doesn’t take any shit from his students. As Mr. Herst is explaining the course outline, Doug is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor. That was his first mistake. As punishment for daydreaming in class, Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst then bends the boy over his knee and gives him the paddling he deserves. Once more Doug is bent over the teachers desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight little ass. Mr. Herst then finishes the jock off with a tasty facial.

17 Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

10 Punishment for Daydreaming in Class

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Spank and Suck

Big daddy has his cute little twink right where he wants him. The big muscular jock wants to teach him a lesson. He spanks his ass raw until it’s bright cherry red. After punishing his beautiful bubble butt, daddy forces him to suck his massive throbbing cock. His little slave is in heaven sucking his giant dick until finally he gives him a treat and cums all over his pretty little face. This is a spank and suck he will never forget.

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Flogged and Fucked

In order to welcome new Dom Brad Kalvo, house slave Cody Allen is sent to greet him. Brad is skeptical of the boy’s worth but indulges him by going to the bondage wall and choosing the day’s implements. Today he will be flogged and fucked. Back in the dungeon Cody shows Brad why they call it the cocksucking chair and Brad helps himself to the 19 year-old’s ass. Suspended on the wooden wedge Cody is strained by the pressure on his taint. Brad takes the taser to Cody as he holds the bowling ball tied to his own zipper. With each zap his grip loosens. Back in the cocksucking chair Cody rides the master’s dick. Brad then turns him around, fucks his ass, and blows his load all over the boy’s face.

boundgods1 e1358532346789 Flogged and Fucked

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Marauding Soldiers Dominate

wargames1 Marauding Soldiers Dominate

Welcome to Tchukistan. The war-torn country of the former East. Here they broadcast 100% uncensored BDSM action. Watch these marauding soldiers dominate poor helpless young men. Hot fucking, sucking, spanking, fisting, pissing and beating action. All exclusive – and never seen before.

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Leather Crop Lashing

brutaltops 64 Leather Crop Lashing

Billy’s gorgeous round ass is perfectly part over Jason’s face and nose as the sub rams his head between them. Guy then quickly reminds jason he has a job to do, courtesy of a painful leather crop lashing across his bare ass.

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Screams for Mercy

Adam is alone in his pigsty of an apartment trying to get some sleep. His slumber is interrupted when a missionary, Elder O’Reilly, comes knocking on his door asking to use the telephone. The irritated slob lets him use the phone but as soon as Elder O’Reilly starts preaching, that’s when Adam has had enough. He throws the poor boy down on the couch and binds his hands before tearing away his clothes. After tasting Elder O’Reilly’s sweet hole, Adam whips out his hard cock and fucks the boy as he screams for mercy. Adam then strips the boy and beats his tight ass red with a belt. The missionary’s screams only make Adam’s cock harder. Tied down to the bed, Elder O’Reilly endures hot wax poured all over his body before Adam turns him around and fucks his tight hole without mercy. After giving Elder O’Reilly a face-full of cum, Adam milks the boy’s cock and makes him lick up his own load.

1 Screams for Mercy

9 Screams for Mercy

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Cruel Punishment

brutal tops cruel Cruel Punishment

Rupert is in the custody of the local police, but Officers Derek and Toby want to make sure he’s not smuggling drugs or contraband in to the cells.

In order to get the information they want, Rupert is brutally punished. He is forced to submit to countless lashings of the crop, then a gut punch drops him to the floor like a sack of shit. Derek then snaps on a pair of latex gloves to begin his anal cavity search, brutally violating him as he digs around for the concealed goods…

Needless to say, their cruel punishment pays off.

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